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Mr. South Bay

Company: Mr. South Bay
Work: HTML5/CSS3, Responsive Web Design, custom PHP, WordPress, HTML5 Boilerplate
Link: http://mrsouthbay.com/

Based upon Annex Theme for WordPress. HTML5 compliant code with minimal images. Lots of very custom WordPress code including custom post types.

Arman Hekmati, MD

Company: Arman Hekmati, MD
Work: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP snippets, Graphic Design, Photography, Video, HTML5 Boilerplate
Link: http://armanhekmatimd.com

Custom PHP driven sidebar and navigation menus. Using @font-face for text. Photography and video shot by me.

Two Lane Design

Company: Two Lane Design
Work: XHTML/CSS, JQuery, PHP, WordPress, Design,
Link: http://twolanedesign.com

Originally built with HTML5/CSS3 in mind. JQuery driven top-level menu which follows page as it scrolls down. Original background photo and artwork mixed with commercially free icons. Semantic, SEO friendly code with clean source formatting.

Kunzler IP

Company: Kunzler IP
Work: HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, custom PHP, WordPress, HTML5 Boilerplate
Link: http://kunzlerip.com

Fully HTML5 compliant code with minimal images. Based upon external graphic design sketches. Custom Post Type for bottom slider with heavy custom PHP code.

fancifull gift baskets

Company: Fancifull Gift Baskets
Work: XHTML/CSS, JQuery, PHP, SEO, E-commerce, Design
Link: http://fancifullgiftbaskets.com

Built with strict doctype using XHTML and CSS on a 960px grid. Edited custom PHP shopping cart to work more efficiently as it was translated from FoxPro. Incorporated and validated XHTML into the shopping cart script from HTML 4. Started adding JQuery to the newest layout for automated slide show and other visual features.


Company: IT Compliance Institute
Work: XHTML/CSS, Javascript, Design
Link: http://www.twolanedesign.com/portfolio-projects/itci/

This year long project, a complete redesign from the ground up. For the first time, I used separated stylesheets: reset, type, color, and layout. First custom javascript libraries taste, built in-house. This project also introduced me to <fieldset>, <legend>, and conditional comments for IE styles.

website capture of melindamusic.com

Company: Melinda Ortner
Work: WordPress, Content Manager
Link: http://www.melindamusic.com

Built on top of TwentyTwelve theme.

Previous companies:

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