What is Two Lane Design?

College began my love for web design. I taught myself basic HTML coding and put up my first website within the first semester of entering college. Once I realized how much of a puzzle it was, I knew I wanted to solve those puzzles!

I'm in a park in Hollywood

Micah – Owner of Two Lane Design

Over the years, I continued and finished college with a music degree but never leaving web design behind. I am self-taught, keeping up with industry standards and learning new practices along the way. I have a passion for web standards, css based design, and making a website accessible as well as easily usable.

I began working freelance for several churches and businesses in the early 2000′s before finally landing a full-time job in 2005. I’ve held a couple of positions in two companies before deciding to once again go on my own. I now work freelance and part-time for several people and companies.

Two Lane Design is my new focus! I have many clients with successful business sites and I continue to receive new clients every year. Thank you for visiting and please ask any questions you have!

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